ABOUT Villarreal Melbourne C.F.

Villarreal Melbourne C.F.


Villarreal Melbourne C.F. has a commitment to delivering the best quality training, education and coaching outcomes for the next generation of football players within Australia.


With the backing, support and endorsement of Villarreal Football Club (Club de Futbol) C.F. Spain, we offer the next generation of football players the opportunity to be coached by Villarreal’s UEFA Qualified Coaches who will travel and be permanently be based in Melbourne.


The UEFA Licensed coaches cover all training in the unique and progressive Villarreal C. F. Methodology, Style and Values. As well as the European Coaches from Villarreal C.F. Spain, we also employ highly qualified local coaches and support staff.


Having an established academy and respected as one of the top five football training academies in Europe, Villarreal C. F. Spain utilises its vast training experience within our Melbourne Academy to achieve outstanding outcomes for all our players.


Villarreal C.F. Methodology


At Villarreal C.F, we understand that every player is different, that is to say, on many occasions we find that biological maturation does not correspond with chronological age. Physical, technical, tactical and cognitive characteristics also differ from player to player. Even within the same age group, the skills of some players may be the weaknesses of others, and these need to be attended to in a way that favors the individual development of each player. In addition, the context the players find themselves in can also help or hinder the development process (condition of the training fields, level of the coaches, the behaviour of teammates.


Our main goal is to DEVELOP our players, starting from the level we find each one of them at, with the purpose of individualizing the development process of each player. In turn, helping them to improve as a player and person with the ultimate goal being for them to play for the first team.

This is why we must know our players to the greatest extent possible to adapt the learning process to their characteristics.


To be able carry out a good training plan, Villarreal C.F. analyzes every academy so that we can offer what we consider to be most appropriate. To optimize academy performance as much as possible, it is very important that we are able to visit with our coaches so we can evaluate the academy.



Villarreal C.F. Style


All coaches have a style of play that they feel they identify with and how they want their teams to play, but for young players that find themselves in a continual learning process, do we know what coach, team, situation, style of play they will meet in the future?


We don’t know what the future will bring for each player and how they will go on developing, therefore it is very important that the players know how to play in many different ways. In this way their learning process will be enriched and they will be capable of adapting to different styles of play and situations they may find themselves in.


The easiest thing to do a lot of the time is to define a style of play and have all academy teams copy it, but if our goal is to develop football players, we must adapt the style to meet the needs that they have and not adapt the player to the style... As the main objective is the learning process of the player and not the development of the style of play.


In our learning process, the style of play adapts to the characteristics of the players and to the moment that each player is in. ALWAYS LOOKING FOR THE BEST FOR EACH PLAYER’S DEVELOPMENT.


In general, our method is to understand different learning tools to be able to put them into practice, especially for each player, and to be effective and precise in our work to help better each player. We start with the idea that the game is a complex continuum that demands us to adapt ourselves constantly to the multiple, ever-changing situations that the game proposes.


The starting point is getting to know the player. At this moment, a plan of action is established to help them and accompany them throughout their process of personal development, with the general idea of play in mind, and the coaching staff continue to introduce general concepts which will eventually lead to the player becoming part of the global idea of the team. This process also adds to their development and personal formation.


The players’ characteristics, from the moment of the process they are in, or the learning that they want to extract, etc, can be one of the points to determine the style of play. This won’t be set in stone, it will be changed or modified depending on the learning processes of the player and the team.



Villarreal C.F. Values


The young footballers dream of one day being professionals in this sport, but the reality is that less than 1% of them will fulfil their dreams.


At Villarreal, we want our players to value the different realities that exist in society nowadays, so to do that, we have strategies in place for them to meet people from different walks of life and realize that they are fortunate and can help other people, and when they have that attitude, they will be useful in society.

At present, the club collaborates with many organizations and helps form footballers that are aware of different ways of living, rather than just their own existence.


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