Villarreal Melbourne CF are proud to announce the addition Francisco Beltrami, our new Sports Psychologist. Francisco is highly qualified and comes with a pedigree of qualifications in sports psychology from Argentina, Spain, the United States of America and is a Certified Provisional Psychologist in Australia.


Soccer success often hinges not only on physical prowess but also on mental resilience and clarity. A sports psychologist is a vital but often overlooked member of a team's support staff. While coaches focus on tactics and skills, these specialists delve into the psyche of players, helping them navigate the pressures of competition, overcome obstacles, and unlock their full potential on the field.


One of the primary roles of a sports psychologist is to cultivate a winning mindset among players. Through various techniques such as visualisation, goal-setting, and positive attitude, instil confidence and mental toughness, crucial attributes for thriving in the intensely competitive environment of professional sports.
By addressing fears, doubts, and distractions, they enable players to focus fully on their performance, maximising their chances of success.



Football Edge combines clinical psychology with sports psychology to optimize an individual's psychological well-being and athletic performance.
This holistic approach includes:

  1. Observations and Tests: 
    Assessing the athlete's psychological profile to identify strengths, weaknesses, stressors, and mental health concerns.

  2. Sports Psychology Techniques: 
    Teaching skills like visualization, goal-setting, relaxation techniques, and cognitive restructuring to enhance performance and manage stress.

  3. Mindfulness and Meditation: 
    Implementing mindfulness practices to improve focus, attention control, and emotional regulation.

  4. Psychological Education: 
    Providing education on motivation, confidence-building, concentration, leadership, communication, and managing psychological aspects of injury and rehabilitation.



Importance of a Football Edge for Aspiring Athletes


Athletes often focus on physical conditioning, but mental strength is equally crucial. Football Edge helps athletes:

  • Enhance Performance: 
    Mental skills training can lead to better performance under pressure.

  • Manage Stress: 
    Techniques like relaxation and cognitive restructuring reduce anxiety.

  • Improve Focus: 
    Mindfulness practices aid in maintaining concentration during competitions.

  • Boost Confidence: 
    Psychological education fosters self-belief and resilience.

  • Recover from Setbacks: 
    Understanding the mental aspects of injury recovery speeds up rehabilitation.

  • Develop Leadership: 
    Building communication and leadership skills enhances team dynamics and personal growth.

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Phone 0419 379 613